Virtual Field Trip

Genomics: Decoding the Language of Life

Take students inside the labs at Illumina to explore cutting-edge sequencing technology that is being used to decode living things and revolutionize everything from medicine to agriculture to sustainability. Introduce students to an exciting and diverse group of individuals who are working on technology to improve lives and build a healthier future for our planet.

Classroom Conversation Starters



Kickstart discussion and exploration in your class around key topics explored in the Virtual Field Trip.

  • What traits are unique to you, and what traits do you have in common with others?
  • What is the relationship between genomes, genetics, and traits?
  • How does decoding the genome contribute to better medicine and health?
  • What other areas besides medicine can gene sequencing be used to innovate?

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VFT Educator Guide

Grade 6–12

One 45-60 minute session

Dive into the ways genomics is revolutionizing every aspect of life with a series of classroom tools and student activities designed for before and after watching the Virtual Field Trip.

Educator Companion Guide