ge·no·mics /jēˈnōmiks, jēˈnämiks/ noun:

The study of an organism’s entire DNA. Examples of global challenges:

  • Fighting disease outbreaks
  • Innovating agricultural advancements
  • Developing targeted cancer treatments

Get Started with DNA Decoded

Designed to help educators explore how to use DNA Decoded resources with their high school students. This guide will provide educators with an overview of genomics, highlighting real-world connections to genomics and instructional resources sorted by applications of biotechnology.

Facilitator Guide

The DNA Decoded Program

The Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education partnered to create DNA Decoded to equip middle and high school teachers to unlock the power of genomics and impact the future of their students. DNA Decoded provides ready-to-go, standard-aligned lessons and activities for teachers and students to explore the ways they can see genomics in their everyday lives.

STEM-Based curriculum

Educator Resources

DNA Decoded will show you the impact of DNA beyond ancestry or traits. Explore how our genes interact with one another and the environment through the new field of genomics. You will also learn how STEM professionals use genomics to fight diseases, such as sickle cell anemia and cancer, and boost the health of the world’s food supply. DNA Decoded will inspire your students to unlock the power of genomics and explore related STEM careers.

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The mission of the Illumina Corporate Foundation is to share the promise of genomics with communities around the world. We are focused on helping educators bring genomics into their classrooms as well as helping patients understand the hope genomics represents in rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases and cancer.
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